Marc Engle - Art Director, Senior Designer and Infographics Pro



Collateral, tradeshow materials, social media and more.



Custom, creative and fun!



Template design and updating, and custom graphics creation.



Specializing in WordPress-based, responsive website design.



Utilitarian, symbolic or logical.



For infographics, product concept presentation, event planning and more.



From hand illustration to vector- and raster-based illustration, I can do it ALL.



Landscape, corporate and product photography – expert digital editor

3D Illustration and Animation for Corporate Marketing!

I’ve been creating custom illustrations and animations for corporate marketing use for over 15 years.


Art Director, Senior Designer, Infographics Pro, Illustrator, Photographer and Fine Artist

A lifelong artist, I provide world-class creative work to corporations – helping them perfect their brand, enhance their visual marketing materials, and strengthen their business. I deliver outstanding aesthetic integrity and master-level art skills, enhanced by a wide range and depth of experience, and a highly-developed understanding of business needs and requirements.

Trained in both graphic design and fine art at the Kansas City Art Institute (, my background includes over 20 years of in-house corporate marketing experience serving a variety of businesses, including; information technology, computer hardware and software, aerospace/engineering, financial, energy retail, manufacturing, wholesale goods, and home-building.

I excel at brand development, design strategy and execution, collateral development, infographics design and illustration, website and email design and maintenance, powerpoint presentation design, trade show displays and backdrops, 3d illustration and animation, product and label design and visualization, all manner of custom graphics and illustration, and a wide variety of corporate, executive and product photography and expert-level digital image editing.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Art direction, design and production
  • Branding and logo design
  • Infographic design, illustration and production
  • PowerPoint presentation design and graphics
  • WordPress and html website and email design
  • Trade show booth / signage design and production
  • Custom photography and digital editing
  • 3D illustration and animation

See my complete résumé on my LinkedIn profile.